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Michael Lunz II
North Hardin HS, Kentucky 
Class of 2021

Line Backer

University of Tulane Commit

Xavier Williams

North Hardin HS

Class of 2021

Track & Field Sprinter


Keiser University West Palm Beach Commit

Malik Blunt

Fort Knox HS

Class of 2022

Track & Field Sprinter

I have been training with Coach Butler for the past 3 years.  The training has increased my speed and agility.  I am going into my sophomore year of  High School football and I know this training will have me ready to play at the highest level.

Jordan committment.jpg

Coach butler has been in my life since 8th grade and I have been training with him ever since. Each year I work with him I am improving and getting better each day. He has helped me with my speed, strength, and agility. He not only taught me how to become great on the field but also great off the field of play which helped me to become a better young man!



Jordan Lovett 
Class of 2021
Defensive Back

University of Kentucky Football Commit


Coach Butler will work you and he’s going to bring the best out of you day in and day out. He truly cares for each and every one of his athletes. I couldn’t have asked for a better Coach and mentor. Not only are you training but you are also learning in the process. He’s always going to guide you to understand the “Why” in anything that you do. Truly an incredible Coach!



Michael Lunz II 
Class of 2021
Line Backer

University of Tulane Football Commit


 I began training with Coach Butler after a Covid canceled season for football. I felt I was behind everyone I was facing on the line having missed a year and turned to him for training.  Coach Butler tailored a program and drills specifically to what I needed to be competitive.  I had an amazing season back!  Coach Butler gave me the tools, strength, skills and confidence needed to succeed. I continue to train with Coach Butler year-round and enjoy every training session and leave looking forward to the next. 



2021 Football season Accomplishments:

2021 All Area 1st Team Defensive Lineman

All District 2nd Team Defensive Lineman

Ethan LaForme

Class of 2024


 BeastMode Xcelerate training prepares you for all sports.  I am a soccer player and each day I am challenged but it relates to everything that happens on the soccer




Destiny Clark

Class of 2021


 I have been training with Coach Butler for the past 3 years.  The training has increased my speed and agility.  I am going into my sophomore year of High School football, and I know this training will have me ready to play at the highest level.



Kevin McCroskey Jr

Class of 2024

As a new student in Tennessee, my son Kevin has already impressed the coaches on the first week of practice by clocking a 4.69 in the 40m dash as a freshman. His coaches asked who has he been training with because his running form is perfect. All we could say was Coach Butler. My son has made a drastic impression on his new school coaches and I'm thankful for the training Coach Butler has conducted with my son over the past 2 years. 


Kevin McCroskey Sr.


 My Girls HS Basketball team had the pleasure of being trained by Coach Butler for our 2019 -2020 preseason. Coach Butler conducted our basketball strength and conditioning program. I attribute the fact that we were injury free to the meticulous attention to detail that he put into my players' conditioning training sessions. Coach Butler goes beyond strength and conditioning and incorporates discipline and positive leadership mindset. It was a great loss to my team and our community when he and his family moved to Texas.





Coach Nicole Coleman

John Hardin Girls Basketball

Head Coach

Elli pic.jpeg

 Coach Butler training has helped increase my speed and knock down my times in the 100m, 200m & 400m. I know that his training will turn me into stronger athlete.




2022 accomplishments

400m state qualifier  

Ellion Jackson 

Class of 2023 

University of Kentucky Westlyn Track & Field Commit

image_50802177 (1).JPG

The first time I seen Coach Butler work it was with my little brother Dominic who in 2018 placed 6th place at the 2018 AAU Nationals. At the time, I didn’t even know if I wanted to run track and I was lazy, but as I watched how he coached and handled the kids he trained, I knew I had to get involved. I decided to run track at my high school and as soon as the season was ready to begin, the season was canceled due to the start of Covid -19. This caused a good number of athletes to stop training due to laziness or whatever the case be, me being one of those athletes. Towards the end of covid and the year after I began to train with Coach Butler and the results were astronomical. I became faster, and stronger going into the new season. I hit PR after PR until my pole-vault coach informed me that Alabama state took interest in me. With that amazing news I began to train harder to eventually hit my season best of 14ft which I felt like it was impossible to hit before I started training. I went on to commit at Alabama State and just finished my first semester there. He’s prepared me to be a great young man on and off the track and I just want to thank him for coaching me, motivating me and helping me and my family for years. Coach Butler is a huge contribution to my success now and what's soon to come. Thank you, coach!

Isaiah Palmer

Alabama State University Track and Field 


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