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Soccer, Football, Lacrosse Athletes

You may have better endurance than your competitor but if they make it to the ball first or have an innate ability to move precisely and efficiently in space, it will not matter that you can run marathons. Therefore speed, agility and change of direction (C.O.D.) are the keys to success to build a better athlete within these sports.

Baseball & Softball Athletes 

Picture a catcher defending against an infield hit, an outfielder catching a long fly, or a quick base stealer trying to get to second base after pinch running. Scoring runs is not just hitting a ball or pitching a ball, it’s sometimes hitting a ball and running or catching a ball after being hit. Therefore, acceleration, reaction, quickness and speed training is crucial for this sport.


Basketball Athletes

They say "DEFENSE" wins games and to play defense you must be able to move. Foot speed, lateral quickness and agility will enable you to be the defensive threat that is key to success on the court. On another note, Jumping, maximal sprints both acceleration and maximal velocity training is also essential for vertical jump output.


Volleyball Athletes

This description can also be referred for basketball athletes. Power, explosiveness, lateral agility, and reaction are crucial in this sport.  The ability to jump higher can provide a better angle and potentially more force when spiking the ball, especially for a player who lacks physical height. It can also enhance an athlete’s ability to recover and defend a spiked ball from an opponent.


Tennis Athletes

Returning a serve would be classified as an agility task based on the server's stance, ball toss, arm action, racquet path etc. While when recovering after your serve the pre-planned movement is considered as COD. Therefore, focusing on Change of Direction and agility training will enhance your athlete's ability to be successful.


Track & Field Athletes

The 2 common attributes that all the above sports have in common, that Track & Field will help to develop is explosiveness and SPEED! Also, the prehab and maintenance that track & field provides to all the athletes is the increase in an athlete's flexibility, mobility, recovery and prevention of injury. Due to sprinting, jumping, throwing and the resistance training within a track regimen, track and field athletes increase their explosiveness and power outputs. Through track and field and true speed development training, athletes are able to develop speed and ALL athletes can benefit from SPEED training because SPEED sKILLz!

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